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Feeder Cable Series
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Flame-retardant Flexible Cables
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Other Accessories
In addition to feeder cable series, flame-retardant flexible cables and new-type electronic components, the Group also manufactures and sells other related accessories, including splitters, couplers, combiners, feeder wall plate, adjustable stand, waterproof clay, insulating tape, cable tie, and feeder hoisting grip. The accessories are mainly used to install, fix and set main feeder, sub-feeder, leaky coaxial cables, soft jumpers, heavy-duty jumpers, antenna, coaxial connector and antenna lightning arresters. They are also used as a waterproof means and to prevent corrosion between feeders.

Splitters are used to divide the power of one input signal into two or more outputs. They are widely applied in skyscrapers, subways and tunnels. They can also be found in indoor coverage projects and outdoor repeaters.


As a microwave and millimetre wave component, couplers are used for signal isolation, separation and mixing, such as power monitoring (for steady power output), and transmission and reflection of sweep test. Couplers are widely applied in skyscrapers, subways, tunnels, indoor coverage projects and outdoor repeaters.

Combiners are used to combine a multi-system signal into one indoor distribution system, allowing the system to work on both CDMA and GSM frequency bands simultaneously.