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New-type electronic components of the Group mainly include jumpers, connectors andantenna lightning arresters.

The Group manufactures and sells a variety of jumpers, including heavy-duty jumpers, soft jumpers, feeder clamps, grounding kits, grounding copper, feeder window, and grounding wires. These components connect wireless antennas with feeder cables and various communication equipment and are easy to bend, install and fix.


Connectors connect RF circuits to radio equipment and electronic devices, operating on a 5-3000MHz frequency. Installed on cables or electronic devices such as base stations as electrical transmission lines. RF coaxial connectors are especially suitable for mobile communications, microwave devices, digital communication systems, ground-launch systems, and radio equipment operating under poor conditions.


Antenna lightning arresters
Antenna lightning arresters are installed between a high-frequency device and a coaxial feeder cable. When lightning strikes, a designated channel quickly grounds the energy exerted by thunderbolts so as to prevent damages to the high-frequency device, thereby protecting the antenna and other communication equipment. The outdoor base station itself has several lightning arresters to provide additional protection. In addition to preventing lightning damages to telecommunications base stations, the antenna lightning arrestors are also used for prevention of lightning damages to Personal Handyphone Systems (PHS), GPRS global positioning systems, MMDS spread spectrum communications, satellite and microwave communications transceiver station equipment, and communication systems antennas.