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(a) Feeder cable for mobile communications

Feeder cable for mobile communications are mainly used as antenna feeder cables for transmitting and receiving radio signals and are also essential components for telecommunications equipments.


Feeder cable are widely used in telecommunications, broadcasting, television, microwave radio relay, radar, remote control, telemetry, instrumentation and energy systems. With an operating frequency range of 100-5800MHz, the feeder cable of the Group are especially suitable for main and sub-feeder lines in high frequency applications requiring for low attenuation and low VSWR when transmitting radio signals.


(b) Leaky coaxial cables

The leaky coaxial cables of the Group are mainly used for wireless mobile communications, wireless remote control and wireless alarm systems with an operating frequency range of 5-3550MHz.


Leaky coaxial cables can transmit and receive RF signals especially in places where wireless signals cannot be directly or reliably transmitted, such as tunnels, subways and other underground environments. In particular, these cables are used in low-density signal coverage areas such as mountainous areas, mines, underground buildings, shopping centres and also in television broadcasting, microwave communications, and cellular mobile networks. The aerospace, marine, defense and military fields also use leaky coaxial cables.