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Manufacturing Capacity
Quality Assurance
Science and Technology R&D
Since establishment, the Group had obtained 159 patents in the PRC in respect of its products. The Group is dedicated to continuously innovate and develop new products to meet diverse market needs. As its products primarily provide infrastructure for wireless mobile networks, the Group has to ensure that its products are up-to-date when its customers upgrade their networks. The Group had a research and development team comprised of nearly 100 professional technical personnel, most of whom had completed at least tertiary level of education and had accumulated extensive related experience and expertise in the PRC cable industry.

The Group established Jiangsu Information Transmission Technology Engineering Research Center (江蘇信息傳輸工程技術研究中心). This research centre has developed two products, namely, broadband environmentally-friendly RF cables (寬頻綠色環保射頻電纜) and high-speed special optical cables used for Internet of Things (物聯網系統用高速率特種光纜).